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At C4L Solutions, Our vision is to see our clients’ live a purposeful and beautiful life. Our mission is to assist them to discover their authentic self, build confidence, and achieve their goals. We believe everyone is unique, whole, and resourceful. We recognize that every individual is created in God’s image and can achieve greatness. We are confident that with our coaching model, our clients can find and fulfil their life’s purpose. We value Trust, Respect, Integrity, Faith, Family and Love.

Our Coaches are leaders in various industries with several years of successful coaching practice with individuals and teams, both in corporate and private settings. We work with clients to determine a client – coach fit, and match coaches with the right expertise to each client. We create a psychological safe place for our clients and C4L Solutions’ coaches are recognized trusted advisors in their communities.

Our goal is to uncover the giant within you and propel you to heights you never imagined.

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We share our Code of Ethics, Values, Promise, and Terms and Conditions of the engagement. This assures clients of our high quality standards, confidentiality and commitment.


This is your first coaching call. You schedule it after you receive our Welcome Pack! We talk about your overarching goal and the outcome you desire. We guide you through our coaching process and outcome framework to achieve your dream life.



At C4L Solutions, we use a proven coaching model and reliable tools, combined with our tested outcome model to stimulate self-awareness, and co-create plans which are designed to achieve your desired results. We use a special coaching portal to help you maintain focus on your goals in between sessions.

I initially felt uncomfortable at the idea of going to seek coaching, but I knew I needed help as I was feeling stuck at the time. My encounter with C4L Solutions changed my life. I was able to freely share because my coach created a safe place for me, and that led to my life transformation. I am now in a better and happier place, which was a dream a couple of months ago.

—Manal AB

Coaching sets you apart! Thanks to C4L Solutions, I now have what it takes to achieve my dreams and I don’t feel intimidated anymore. As an international student, I found it difficult to find my place at university, but now I have developed confidence that I have lacked over the years. If you’re thinking about using a Life Coach, I recommend you go for it!

—Favour Omoyemi

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