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Clarify your Coaching Needs

Get clarity on the areas of your life that coaching will help improve. We will be using a proven coaching tool to help you clarify your coaching concerns.

Boost Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Research has shown that people who talk to a coach show improved self-esteem. The opportunity to have a chat where the focus is entirely on making you become better, releases some hormones that increase your confidence levels.

Discover Your Blind Spot

Between your current reality and your dream lies some road blocks. Discover what some of these are and take charge of your life!


C4L Solutions’ coaching practice is focused on unleashing our client’s potentials, empowering them to achieve their goals. Our passion is to help people live free, find purpose and fulfil their dreams. We specialize in Life Coaching (any aspect of your life that you currently struggle with), Transition Coaching (new career or role, international students, landed immigrants), Leadership & Career Coaching. We also offer Customized Professional services.

All C4L Solutions’ clients work closely with our experienced coaches, whose passion lies in helping them get the result they desire. Our niche includes;

International Students

At C4L Solutions, we provide tools and techniques to support and help international students balance their academic and personal lives. Making them mentally and emotionally ready for the challenges of their new environment!

C4L Solutions will help you integrate socially and foster connections that can enhance your overall experience in and outside of school.

Career Coaching

Are you currently making a career transition? Just got your first job after graduation? Are you new to the North American work culture? A Life Coach can help you overcome your insecurities, build confidence and achieve success.

Work with C4L Solutions to silence negative voices, affirm your strengths and unleash the giant within!

Let's briefly assess your current situation.

  • What challenges or obstacles do you currently face in your academic or professional journey?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure, especially in a foreign environment?
  • Are there specific situations or interactions that you find particularly challenging in your academic or professional life?
  • Have you faced any cultural or identity-related challenges that impact your confidence or sense of belonging in Canada or the US?
  • How do you manage work-life balance, especially considering the demands of being an international student or professional?
  • What kind of support systems do you currently have ?
A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

Elaine MacDonald

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